Susan Wolfson’s A Greeting of the Spirit out now!

Fellow Keatsians –

October 31, 2022:

227 years ago today on October 31, 1795, John Keats was born! To celebrate, Harvard University Press is publishing the much anticipated A Greeting of the Spirit: Selected Poetry of John Keats with Commentaries by Professor Susan J. Wolfson.

With seventy-eight selections from his work, each accompanied by a commentary on its form, style, meanings, and relevant contexts, greeted readers will rediscover a virtuoso poet, by turns lively, experimental, self-ironizing, outrageous, and philosophical. Included are such favorites as the Great Odes, La Belle Dame sans Merci, and The Eve of St. Agnes, as well as less familiar poems, several in letters to family and friends never meant for publication.

The book is available for purchase on the Harvard University Press website, for $35.00 or £28.95:

Take a look at the book’s summary, featuring a gorgeous cover here: