John Keats

The Keats Foundation Photography Competition

The Keats Foundation is revamping its communications and focus to celebrate the years leading up to the landmark 200 years (to 2021) since John Keats’ death in 1821.
Our new website is ready but photography and images are sought to populate it, so, to celebrate John Keats poetry, his productive 5 years from 1816 and to engage and delight the public with his work and art, the Keats Foundation is holding a photographic competition.

The Brief:
Keats Foundation are looking for photographers to bring alive any aspect of John Keats life – from the places where he lived and died in, journeys he undertook and visits he made, and especially from the poetry he wrote and articulations of that in visual form. Obvious Keats poems to go to might be ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ and ‘The Eve of St Agnes’ – and there are many more.

Ideally a minimum of 12 images should be submitted, that can be used in multiple ways: on websites, posters and in print. We welcome many more.
Images can be submitted via Keats Foundation Facebook, Twitter, or website links or to

Deadline for submissions: 14 Feb 2017

The Process:
Competitors will be encouraged to use digital media to promote their work and KF will take into account the volume of Likes, Tweets and Shares for the various pieces (assuming not overhyping is deployed) to sense which items the public like and vote for.
Once competitors have submitted their entries, the Keats Foundation Trustees and Supporters will make a short list of 3 for the prizes and an unlimited number of free membership passes to the Keats Foundation for a year.

The Prizes:
First prize is £150. Two runners up, £50 each. All entries with at least 12 relevant images will receive a year’s free membership of Keats Foundation, including access to lectures, conferences and events.
We will require email addresses for contact and verification.

Terms and Conditions:
All decisions are made by the Keats Foundation judging panel and are final and binding.
Successful competitors are required to provide free and full use of their photography for the Keats Foundation to use on their website and any printed matter. We will provide full recognition of the photographers involved. Photographic IP will continue to be owned by the photographer, but Keats Foundation is permitted licence to use the images as required.

Any questions please contact:
Twitter @KeatsFound
Facebook @

Download a copy of the brief: Keats Foundation Photography brief competition